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Affinity. Such is the name of the ability given to select individuals at birth who display a psychic prowess unrivaled to their peers. The word 'given' would be a misstatement - accepted by should be used. In order to combat the rising menace known as the Othello, newborns displaying exceptional traits are selected to undergo specific enhancements to bring out dormant human traits. During the process, many of these newbirths die; only the few that can accept the strenuous changes are suited to be heralded as the heroes of the war-torn void. Only those with 'affinity' are fit to become pilots.


It is the year 30XX. The age of computers has long given way to the age of space travel, and in turn the age of outwards space civilization. The term "terrestrial," has ceased being a memory, and remains only as an aeon-old fragment of a lost time; a lost dimension, perhaps. Yet, relics of past culture remain, as human are creatures of habit. Perhaps, in this sense, it is not surprising to say that war still exists. Rather, it may be prudent to say that war never truly dies; it merely shows itself in a different form at every turn. It is in this strain of nature that the Othellonians have come to exist, a faction hell-bent upon destroying all civilized society. While the details of the inner workings are unknown, two facts are sure.

One - each has their own reasons for fighting under this ragtag confederacy known as Othello, and two - Othellonians have somehow managed to bypass the immense strain put upon pilots in order to command armies of mass-produced mechanical weapons, though the vast majority are of subpar quality.

In contrast, 'civilized' society, as those inside the system would call it, has been run since the dawn of space civilization by the Intergalactic Union (IGU). A vast expansion of domain, the IGU retains control of all settled space through democratic as well as economical means. While most conflicts are easily resolved through diplomacy, the harsh reminder of IGU's full military is often felt, with the brunt of the military aggression falling upon the border sectors of IGU control, also known as The Fringe. As a result, the citizens of this so-called 'civilized' society live with dread in the back of their minds, fearing for their lives as the governing body slowly turns towards a totalitarian regime. The Fringe has become a breeding ground of lawlessness, with power-hungry IGU officials gunning at the chance to set up their own spheres of influence. At the same time, Othellonians hide within the ranks of an increasingly exploited populace too fearful to do nothing but bear the iron-fisted rules enacted upon them. With each passing day, life becomes bleaker. Corrupt officials. Power struggles. Military silencing. Internal disarray. Crime. And amidst all of this, the deeper evil waits. It is watching its prey as it builds momentum, leading to its perfect kill. Othello is nigh, destruction awaits.

This present, the pilot receives. The future, the pilot gives. Affinity is the answer to the people's strife; however, the exact answer depends upon the pilot. Thus begins the tale of a young pilot on The Fringe, and the world of Affinity.


-- by Enek --

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