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[CT]The Best Quest of the Year

Author: XiaoYanZi Posted on: Mar 01 2010 01:37:59  Views:

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It's the best quest of the year, the quest we are all waiting for once a year - Chinese New Year Event. Like children in China and other Asian countries waiting for red pockets filled with money, we are waiting for gift boxes filled with TPs! By answering 5 questions correctly about Spring Festival, you will receive a gift box which contains an experience ball and a mysterious beast summon box!

Open the box outside of Lily Plain will summon Panthera and kill it to get a prize which can be experience stone or TPs (5, 10, 20, 270 TPs). Each player name can do the quiz quest 3 times. Those who work hard made alternative accounts and level them to level 20 to participate in this event. In other words, you can make as much TPs as you want if you put effort in it! This is sure the quest that you work more, get more! There are many quests in a year in CT, however, this is the only quest that gives players what they truly need!

Chinese New Year Event

Being a hard working player and luckily I made the alternative accounts last year for the quest; it saves me a lot of time doing the quest. The first few times I ran out of Lily Plain to summon the beast, some players looted my prize -.- I was frustrated and so as other players and people start broadcasting names of looters to warn others. There's nothing we can do about it since Lily Plain is a non-PK map and everyone can kill the beast regardless of who summoned it. We keep track of a list of looters and want to say to them: there are other ways to get more TPs without ruining the fun of others! Hopefully CT can improve this issue next year then it would be a perfect quest!

List of looters:

Van~Helsing, Ronaldo22, 69~69~69, Sonya, _KoraCan_, Grabola, SAHVALAR, Sniper man, Moza, Bernard Azrail, Black Cherry, ahmed5464798 and so on.

I wanted to share my tips on how to avoid those looters. First, after you did the quiz 3 times, go NPC buy some random scrolls and one town scroll. Random to the end of the monster path of Lily Plain, best if you can random to those central islands that it is impossible to reach by walking. Double check around you if there are other players (you never know who will loot you). Finally summon your beast and good luck on your prize!

Chinese New Year Event

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