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[CT] The Hero's Return

Author: John Posted on: Nov 30 2011 00:30:43  Views:

Hello all, today we will interview with someone who left CT for long time and now come back for revenge! Let's welcome ~.Hero.~!

John: Hello ~.HerO.~, how are you?

~.HerO.~: I'm fine thank you. What about you John?

John: I am fine :). Ok, please tell us something about yourself first.

~.HerO.~: I'm Mustafa, 17 years old and live in Egypt.

The Hero's Return

John: Great. Please tell us something about your character ~.HerO.~?

~.HerO.~: Hero is my second account; my first account is whitchblade. I moved to Hero because I like the jump and style of male account. I moved all my pets and gears from whitchblade to hero after my girlfriend Whitch agreed

John: Oh, I see. So why do many people hate you?

~.HerO.~: Lol, yeah they hate me, maybe because I was in genesis and genesis was hostile against the strongest legions here and then I made my own legion, but the other legions thought I was their enemy too because I was strong and people hate me because I was killing them...

John: So what is your plan for respect?

~.HerO.~: Well, my plan for respect is to make my legion a wonderful legion!

John: Lovely :). Do you get any support from your friends in game?

~.HerO.~: I have many friends in game and I really love them all, because they help me and we always chat in game or on facebook

John: Great. So how does your day in CT runs?

~.HerO.~: Checking market booths and hunting some time until I get bored then Chatting with friends and legion mates and then composing and staying at Market.

John: Do you remember your luckiest day in your CT life?

~.Hero.~: Umm when I made my first 2-socketted item with one Amethyst!

The Hero's Return

John: Lucky :D. Do you want to share any other memories with us?

~.Her0.~: Yeah when I was close to take a map, but I failed in the last few seconds. Then I was killing the high pot enemies. :P

John: So what do you want to say in the end?

~.HerO.~: I love all my friends and legion mates. Thanks you John!

John: You are welcome, have fun. Bye :).

~.HerO.~: Bye!

Hope you guys enjoy this interview. Stay tuned and wait for more!

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