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[CO]When Gun Falls in Love with Sword - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

When Gun Falls in Love With Sword

"No one touches the food until His Grace gets his share," barked the butler.

Nate looked up. In his haste, he had not even noticed the regal king or Camille already seated at the table. Camille's eyes were frantically glancing from Nate to her father.

"Father, he does not..." stuttered Camille.

"I know, I know," silencing the princess with a wave of a hand.

"This must be the foreigner you met yesterday. He must not know of our customs, but he will learn quickly and willingly."

Camille threw Nate a warning look. "Y-y-yes sir," Nate replied turning a deep shade of red.

Nate sat down at the table very slowly, never taking his eyes of the King. He was very embarrassed and has no idea what to do or say... suddenly Camille spoke up and explained to him the rules about food... They were:

1. You can not touch the food until the King has ate his first plate.
2. You are only allowed one plate so put as much food as you can on the plate.
3. After you have finished eating you must thank the King for his food.

These rules flustered Nate, but he had to follow them because there was nothing else he could do. So he sat and watched at the king slowly ate his food. He could barely wait to eat and when he saw that the king had finished he dug in going right for the bacon, eggs, and ham. As he piled his plate 6 inches high Camille slowly filled her plate and did not pile food on top of everything. After Nate finished dishing up, he ate his food so fat that Camille did not even have her plate full by the time he was finished. Camille seemed disgusted by this behavior and no longer knew what to think about Nate.

But Nate quickly realized how bad your behavior was.

"Excuse me lady... I was starving... Hadn't eaten something in days. Pardon my manners." and he stopped eating.

Now he was feeling worse because he got a bad impression in front of the girl which he liked. But Camille seemed to understand so she finished her plate and then they went downstairs.

"I am afraid I have to go now and try to repair my robot, my lady." Nate said. Camille face suddenly went sad.

While Camille's in the floor... Nate hugged her passionately. Camille was completely surprised. She didn't realized what happened just after Nate let her breath again. She looked in his face. It was the most awesome guy she ever met until then. Their bodies got closer and closer to each other... they couldn't control themselves...they couldn't even think on what they were doing... they just find out kissing each other. Then Camille stepped back...

"I am sorry...we shouldn't..." Nate tried to say.

"It's fine. I liked it..." Camille said. "Promise me we will see soon..."

When Gun Falls in Love With Sword

To Be Continued

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