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[CO]Unity - Playing Conquer on PEACE Mode

Author: PWNICORN Posted on: Mar 21 2010 20:12:42  Views:

If you play Classic Conquer or frequent the forums, it is pretty much guaranteed that you have heard about Unity. It was most likely negative banter and you probably noticed that the two main components were MunK and Fletch. These gentle giants spread a message of peace and emotion within the world of Conquer, but are often met with fierce opposition and negativity. Why are two such peaceful and admirable men with such a good message so deeply rejected by the Classic community? We explore this and more in the following interview.


PWNICORN: Hi MunK and Fletch- how are you both this evening?

MunK: I'm fine, how are you?

Fletch: Yo.

PWNICORN: I'm just excellent, actually. Let's get straight to it: you, MunK, are the Guild Leader of Unity- one of the most despised guilds on the Liberty Server. What do you think of that?

MunK: It truly cuts me deep that Unity is rejected by the community of Liberty. But, when faced with something different, it is common for people to reject it. We'd like to think of ourselves as the Ghandis of Conquer Online. We speak of peace and fair play for all (in a place) where others play solely to mock others and PK.

PWNICORN: Fletch: you are the co-founder of Unity, correct?

Fletch: Correct, Unity was an ambition me and MunK shared as we ventured away from the cruelness of Sapphire server.

PWNICORN: Both of you answer this: What do you mean by the 'cruelness' of Sapphire server?

Fletch: Well, on Sapphire PKing and Scamming was quite a common occurance.

MunK: Sapphire was a corrupt server, with scamming and PKing happening left and right. Seeing my friends and guild-mates go through the pain that this caused was almost unbearable.

PWNICORN: So Unity was created in response to these devious people?

MunK: Unity was a safe haven for the other members of Sapphire (and Pharos, after the split) who decided to follow Fletch and myself. Unity was made to show people there's a better way to play this game. The pixels may be fake, but the emotions everyone feels are real!

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