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Author: Mair Posted on: Feb 12 2011 00:54:21  Views:

As you may have noticed, in Crazy Tao and other TQ games, there are various types of clothing, or armors, and weapons which will make your character look different from other players. There are armors for different levels and as you get stronger, with higher level, the clothing that you are able to use starts to look better on your character. This gives a character or a player their style, some players like to use weapons of lower level because they like the way they look, same with the armors, and other players are desperate to level up, so they can use the armor that they have been desiring ever since they started to play.

Just Enjoy It

In these games you are also able to change your Hair Style, which will also make your character look different from the rest.

Being able to change your clothing and your hair style and color gives the game a bit more realism in my opinion, being able to differentiate yourself from other people is one of the many things I love about this game.

Thanks to TQ's generosity, we are able to extend our sense of style furthermore. What do I mean by TQ's generosity?

Everyone knows that an MMORPG wouldn't be the same without the Quests and Events. In some of the events TQ gives us, you can acquire Unique clothing, for example a RomanticSuit, this gives us more to choose from to change our style.

One big piece of advice for any player of any TQ game: Take advantage of what TQ has offered, don't miss on any opportunity to get better. Set a goal for yourself and work your way up to achieve it and most important of all, have Fun while doing it.

-- by Mair --

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