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[CT]News: Tough Times in CT

Author: Kiya Posted on: Oct 09 2010 00:36:08  Views:

Lately it has been hard for new comers to enjoy Crazy Tao's good points, mostly because of the members who go too far in killing legion enemies. From experiencing it personally, earlier, I can understand how it feels to get randomly pked!

Some people say that it is because they think they are "enemy spies". Others say that it's just alright to kill legion-less people or "noobs". One thing though, it is NOT okay, people need to understand that the person playing that legion-less account or "noob" is real and wants to enjoy the game like the rest of us! I think that the people who randomly kill should understand this and think it through carefully.

Please don't kill, allow people to enjoy the game and don't take enemy legions too seriously, it's a game, just enjoy it!

Tough Times in CT

-- by Kiya --

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