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[CT] Strong In No Time: Interview on Thien_Than

Author: John Posted on: Nov 22 2011 01:11:56  Views:

Hello all, today we will interview a cute Vietnamese girl, Thien_Than. Let us welcome her:

John: Hello Thien_Than, how are you?

Thien_Than: I am good! Thank you!

John: So can you introduce yourself first?

Thien_Than: I am from Vietnam. I am a student and I Learn Information Technology. Nguyen Thi Thanh Suong. It is Vietnamese name.

John: So can you tell us about your CT character, like how you got strong that fast?

Thien_Than: My character is Thien_Than. When I am playing CrazyTao, I hunt hard and take a lot of gems. I get 20-30 pg one day.

John: This is great. So tell us about your friends and enemies, please?

Thien_Than: My friends are anh_yeu_em, Majin-Vegeta, 1khong2, TJBoy, KeezWee, astrog and more players. My enemy is ~.HerO.~, Whitchblade, Gentleboy, HORROR, ThesseuS, Sp00Kye, Fartry, xXFireManXx.

John: Why do you put them in your enemy list?

Thien_Than: They K.S. my boss, PK me and they come from enemy legion.

Strong In No Time: Interview on Thien_Than

John: I see. So how is your life in CT?

Thien_Than: When my pot was low, there were some players always PKed me. Now I kill some of them, but some are still strong than me.

John: So what is the best day in your CT life?

Thien_Than: When I was killing a Boss and it dropped many gems. ^_^

John: Then how did you build your character?

Thien_Than: Hunting, marketing and composing pet.

John: So what do you want to say at the end?

Thien_Than: When I started playing this game then it was a good game! I like hunting in this game! And it had much player online! But now there is a little player online and a little event! Only some events on website for all TQ players! And some events just for strong players and new players have no events... If admin makes some event and add some features then it will be great!

John: I agree... Anyway thanks for your time and bye. :)

Thien_Than: No problem, bye. :)

Strong In No Time: Interview on Thien_Than

I hope you enjoy the interview with this cute Vietnamese girl! :) Wait for more!

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