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Merit Point Award Rules

Merit Point Award Rules

1. Articles published in different catalogues will earn you different amounts of merit points. In addition, journalists can earn merit points through participating in the events held by TQ Journalist Team.

(1) Report with Screenshots
◇Cover in-game event or contest , including festival event, PK tournament, legion war, etc. Screenshots are required and details about the winners are preferred.
◇The report should contain screenshots or video(s) so that the players who are not participants can know more about these events.
◇Each piece should be more than 400 words, containing 2-5 screenshots (800*600 pixel). The journalist will be rewarded 25-40 merit points per piece.

(2) Player Interview
◇Conduct interviews on event winners, legion leaders or popular players, for example: the highest ranked player, or who has the super equipments and pets, etc.
◇Each interview should contain at least 600 words. The journalist will be rewarded 35-45 merit points. Screenshots of the interviewee are required. The journalist will be rewarded an extra of 10 merit points if the interviewee's real life photo is contained(must be approved by the interviewee).

(3) Tips and Tricks
◇Basic guide about game play or step-by-step tutorial on game quests.
◇Unique tips about game experience, like how to level up quickly or get great equips.
◇Report the item prices on each server or how to gain wealth in game.
◇Each article should contain more than 300 words and screenshots are preferred. The journalist will be rewarded 20-35merit points per article.

(4) Gossips and Stories
◇Free essays about TQ games. Cover any happenings in TQ games, or comment on the various issues related to TQ games.
◇TQ game related novels.
◇Each article should contain more than 300 words and the journalist will be rewarded 15-30merit points per article. If the article is about the latest event, the journalist will be rewarded an extra of 10 merit points. If it's a serial novel, the journalist will be rewarded 50 merit points per 1000 words.

(5) Comic Strips
◇Press F12 to capture your splendid moments in TQ games.Modify in-game screenshots or draw paintings (more than 2) to make up a story.
◇Different from Report with Screenshots which is mainly consisted of text but with a few screenshots, the comic Strips is mainly consisted of pictures, but with a few words. The journalist will be rewarded 25-40 merit points per piece.

(6) Referral award
Recommend good writers to us. When the referee becomes our formal journalist(above 1-Star rank), you'll receive 40 merit points as a reward!

(7) Weekly Journalist Star
◇Any journalist who is honored as Weekly Journalist Star will be rewarded 20 merit points.
◇At the end of each year, an "Annual Journalist Star" will be selected from the journalists with highest star ranking and will be rewarded 50 merit points.

2. More about merit points

(1) TQ Journalist Team leader will calculate the journalists' merit points. No journalist shall request to add merit points for any reason.

(2) Journalists will receive extra merit points if they're really outstanding at work. But the maximum extra reward each month will be 30 merit points.

(3) No plagiarism is allowed. Any violator will be deducted merit points as a punishment.

(4) On the 30th of every month, we will calculate the amount of merit points each journalist has earned for that month. If the journalist's merit points meet reward criteria, he/she will receive the prize at the beginning of the next month.

3. Others

(1) TQ Journalist Team is always improving. If you have any articles not belonging to the above catalogues, you can still submit them to us.

(2) If you have any suggestions or advice for TQ Journalist Team, please let us know.  We'll consider your suggestions carefully. If your suggestion is adopted by us, you'll be rewarded 10-30 merit points.

(3) These rules will take effect on 1st, May, 2009. TQ Digital reserves the right to interpret and modify these rules.

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