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Author: EApoe Posted on: Nov 12 2009 04:31:33  Views:

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Hello, everyone! I just want to tell you my happy experience during the Twin City Carnival. But before that, let me say first that this is a much awaited event. The Twin City Carnival offers many opportunities to gain experience, rewards and prizes. The Carnival has started and will launch events for the first three weeks of November. The first event is the Carnival Cake Baking and I found this one really fun! It's cool too see all the cakes' ingredients drop from the monsters I kill.

There were 6 ingredients needed to make the cakes: strawberry, cream, chocolate, ice cream, candle, and eggs. The ingredients were easy to find though I think the eggs were harder to obtain. The Cake Baker in Twin City provided information on what ingredients to use and he also sold the cakes' recipes. Anyway, the first cake I made was, of course, my real life favourite: chocolate cake! I ate that chocolate cake for experience. Yum! :)

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I also made some cream cakes and exchanged them for Joy Coins, which in turn, can be exchanged to 1 Carnival Point. Once you have accumulated 25 Carnival Points, you can join the lottery in Twin City. If you are lucky, you will win nice prizes!

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Anyway, my dear readers, just in case you forget, this November 14 and 15 (second weekend of November) there will be another Carnival event. This time, monsters will be dropping Joy Coins! So, be sure you will be around to join the amazing Twin City Carnival!

-- By EApoe --

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