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[WL]Late Night with PsychoBob: Brings you the BlackOut interview

Author: PsychoBob Posted on: Oct 09 2009 02:47:38  Views:

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-- By PsychoBob --

The crowd is roaring in anticipation of BlackOut's entrance. When BlackOut finally comes out he walks up to the crowd and starts to shake the hands of the people in the first few rows. Then all of a sudden some one dives at him from the back and tries to stab him with a spoke from an umbrella. They're immediately tackled by security. While the assailant is being led away by security people begin to kick and spit on him. One old lady reaches into her underwear from the back and pulls out something that looks like lumpy chocolate pudding with yellow speckles that resembled corn, she runs up and smears it into the mans face some get in his mouth. Then after the commotion dies down BlackOut walks over to PsychoBob's desk shakes him hand then takes a seat on the couch.

PsychoBob: Tonight on Late night with PsychoBob, we have BlackOut. How are you tonight?

BlackOut: Well, I think people that always ask me that question get the same answer... so tonight isn't going to be any different... my answer would be "bad people always doing good"

PsychoBob: Lol.

BlackOut: So I must be doing fantastic. How are you?

PsychoBob: I am fine thanks. So how did you get involved in The Warlords anyway?

BlackOut: Well... that has a long and a short version. I'll put it somewhere in the middle. I used to play Crimson Skies (airplane shooter game) online... and through some friends there I came into contact with TQ via Conquer. I played that for a while until I started playing Eudemons, after that Zero for a short period and finally I ended up right here in warlords. I was waiting for it to be released, so I was also one of the first who played the game right from the start. (Wish I made a better start... lol)

PsychoBob: So of all the TQ games you have played which is your favorite?

BlackOut: This one, for sure! I see it as a nice mix of all of the previous game.

PsychoBob: Ok, lately there has been some problems with the server... how has this effected you?

BlackOut: You mean the event?

PsychoBob: Yes.

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