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[ZO]Christmas Event report

Author: Techno Posted on: Dec 28 2008 19:26:41  Views:

Christmas has come! We were waiting for it. Santa brought us nice presents, I guess. Hope you had a great Christmas evening with your family, I myself hadn't but meh...Anyway. Let's see what happened in ZO and what TQ brought to us this Christmas.

Well, first, we had a huuuuuge Christmas tree in market, exactly like the one last year, and we could set off fireworks. Also some Snowmen appeared in Moon Fortress.

1.The Big Christmas tree.

click for full image

Every hour we could go to the Christmas tree to have a chance to get items with high bonus points (as in +'s Items). The items went from +1 to +5. There were some lucky guys who found +4 and +5 items...I wish I could got that... anyway, It was nice because it helped us improve our bonus stats.

Also each hour some presents would have appeared in Steel Warship. If you'd click them first, you'd have acquired a Christmas Gift in your inventory which could have brought you up to ultra items, as it was said on the site.

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