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[JT]Journalist Team November TQ Point Card Winners Announced!

Author: JTeam Posted on: Dec 02 2008 21:55:29  Views:

Since its establishment, many players have joined in TQ Volunteer Journalist Team to become the honored journalists. They kept producing excellent articles with their pen, or the keyboard, and at the same time their merit points accumulate over time.
Last month we have 6 talented and diligent journalists qualified to receive our point card reward. They are Techno, Armenthos, Lespoir, Confidential, StarPowe and DarkChaos. They will be rewarded a 680-point TQ point card each, Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

[ZO]Stronger in this Christmas: Interview on Omega28
[ZO]If I were GM: Interview on Duo.Maxwell
[CT]Techno's CrazyTao Tutorial 3:Beginning as a Warrior 2nd Part

[EO]Arc's Children 2&Dreamscape(Prelude released!)
[EO]Torn Asunder: Rescue(Latest to Chapter 5 by 11,25th!)
[EO]Me,Myself & Armenthos

[EO]The Secret of Pet Choosing
[EO]Hot Angel from New York: Interview on tifa.
[EO]How to Find/Become A Good Mentor

[CT]Survival of the Fittest:The True Story(Episode 4 by 11,27th!)
[CT]Team Works and Strategies: Interview with XiaoYanZi
[CT]For fun,not to own: Interview with AnhYueEm

[CT]PK &market chatting: Interview with Miira
[EO]Boss hunting in Gobi Desert
[CT]Friends from enemy legion: Interview with Blackstar

[EO]What's More about Courtship
[EO]PK tournament winner: Interview on Shlong
[EO]Tips on Dragon Cave Quest

The rewarded TQ point cards have been credited into the winners' accounts. Please do check your account. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via E-mail/MSN: jteam@tqdigital.com

More volunteers are wanted! Come join us and contribute your writing pieces. TQ point cards are just there for you to grab!

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