[CO] A Real Veteran: Interview on !Expotentkilla

Today, a Veteran from Lucky7 server will come to this interview and share us his 8 years experience of

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[CO] Love of GreatWall: Interview on Wicked

You never know when you will meet the love of your life, but the fact is once you find your true love

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[CO] King of JollyRoger: Interview on ShiftyCent

Once we knew that the pirates also have lovers and haters; I went quickly searching for a strong pirate

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[CO] First Full +12 Pirate of Tiger: Interview

Pirate has invaded into CO for a while; do you know who the top pirate on your server is? Today our journalist

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[CO] Master of Fast Blade: Interview on Ranger_Will

Hi everyone, welcome to Jteam interview again. Today our journalist Josh is going to present you with

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