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[Reward]91 Community Monthly Reward (Feb)

Author: 91 Community Posted on: Mar 05 2012 23:17:08  Views:

All things in their being are good for something! Rewards for different kinds of Contributions are launched grandly! From now on, all those contributing to 91 Community, no matter who they are, will have chances to receive the regularly granted Shells like forum moderators and Journalists Team members!

Now, let's check out the winners of monthly reward!

Excellent Fan arts Reward:

NickName Rewards
luderish 18 Shells
Raton 15 Shells
GirlYouLike 8 Shells
KRYX 6 Shells
jissuss 4 Shells
Shanghaiming 4 Shells
rodericrusiana   4 Shells
Kurohoshi   4 Shells
Lerok   3 Shells
Nena_Dark   3 Shells
DevilsHelper     3 Shells
BryanStar   2 Shells
11284606   2 Shells
^Sam^ 2 Shells
gabydnts 2 Shells

Excellent fan arts:

HOOKING UP- rodericrusiana

pirate by shangai - Shanghaiming

Valentine's Day (pirate way) - Raton

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Congratulations to all the winners, and hope they'll persevere in efforts to provide more excellent works! The reward will be sent out in 5 work days.

Wanna appreciate more paintings? Just visit our main page! Meanwhile, 91 Painter Team also wishes more good painters to join us and show their talents, as well as share happiness with us! See you next month!

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