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91 Carnival Amusement Park Open Now!

Author: 91 Community Posted on: Aug 31 2011 23:48:22  Views:

91 Carnival

Dear 91 users,

91 Carnival Amusement Park is open now. Come join us to grab decent rewards! First come, first served!

May you all have fun at 91 Carnival!

Tip: The 91 Carnival event - "GM and Timber Wolf" will go live on Sep. 4. Please stay tuned!

Event 1: Wheel of Fortune

Event Duration: Sep. 1 - Sep. 6(PDT)

See the wheel of fortune below? The super great prize - 16 Shells is just there waiting for you! Come log onto the related event page, and join the great lucky draw! You'll receive 1 lucky draw chance after logging in.

91 Carnival

>> Play Now <<

Event Rules:
1. Each user has 3 lucky draw keys every day.
The 3 keys can be: 1) Activated: ; 2) Unactivated: ; 3) Used: .
The "Activated" key can be used to join the lucky draw once, while the "Unactivated" key can only be used after being activated, and the "Used" key cannot be used again.
2.Each IP's logging onto the event page can help activate 1 key every day, and the activated key can then be used to join the lucky draw.
3. With respect to the rest 2 Unactivated keys, each quest you complete can have one of them Activated.
4. The 3 keys will be reset every day, and thus allow players to join the lucky draw repeatedly.

91 Carnival"

If you win the lucky draw, the due Shells will be credited into your account automatically. You can check them in 91 Shell Center!

Tips: In case of encountering any trouble in the event, please contact us via points@netdragon.com!