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[Reward] 91 Community Monthly Reward (Mar)

Author: 91 Community Posted on: Apr 01 2011 00:54:31  Views:

All things in their being are good for something! Rewards for different kinds of Contributions are launched grandly! From now on, all those contributing to 91 Community, no matter who they are, will have chances to receive the regularly granted Shells like forum moderators and Journalists Team members!

Now, let's check out the winners of monthly reward!

91 Screenshot & Photo Center

1. Excellent Work

Every player who uploads the comic strips and the pencil sketch that pass our verification will be awarded at least 1 shell(What's Shell?)! for each comic and pencil sketch. The excellent participant will be awarded according to the quality of your artwork.

Nick name Rewards
rodericrusiana 6 Shells
AngeLeck 3 Shells
Akiya 3 Shells
dggaara 2 Shells
ShinigamiGabriel 2 Shells
Runaway!@#!@ 1 Shell
Applejuice4life 1 Shell
Kenomamamaru 1 Shell
MSYUNA 1 Shell
^Fallen-Angel^ 1 Shell
~Genie~ 1 Shell
KelvinK 1 Shell
Afrodet 1 Shell

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2. 91 Painter Team

March has passed by, the monthly Shells giveaway event of 91 Painter Team comes to us again! Wanna know which painters have received munificent rewards during the past month through unremitting efforts? Just check out the winner list below:

Title Ranking Painter Name Rewards
Junior Anna 1 Shells
Junior Akiya 1 Shells

Congratulations to all the winners, and hope they'll persevere in efforts to provide more excellent works!

Wanna appreciate more paintings? Just visit our main page! Meanwhile, 91 Painter Team also wishes more good painters to join us and show their talents, as well as share happiness with us! See you next month!

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91 Forum

Excellent Thread Starter

Each month, forum moderators will select certain threads that are relatively popular among players from all the threads started in the same month. And the corresponding starters of the selected threads will be rewarded 1 Shell respectively.

Forum Nick name Reward
EO Violent_Trance 1 Shell
M!cuTzu 1 Shell
axel29 1 Shell
zikosmile123 1 Shell
10779858 1 Shell
Roshan 1 Shell
Somnite 1 Shell
dragattack 1 Shell
Xae 1 Shell
Raidri 1 Shell
ZO sirhamtaro 2 Shells
NSG619 2 Shells
Belgue 1 Shell
xyyshany 1 Shell
Markete 2 Shells
CT Angel07 1 Shell
CharityCase 1 Shell

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