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[Reward] 91 Journalist Team Reward (March)

Author: 91 Community Posted on: Mar 30 2011 20:31:56  Views:

March has passed by, the monthly Shells giveaway event of 91 Journalists Team comes to us again! Wanna know which journalists have received munificent rewards during the past month through unremitting efforts? Just check out the winner list below:

Ranking Pen Name JTeam Ranking Shells
The_Pain 1-Star Journalist 9 Shells
Karebear 1-Star Journalist 7 Shells
Azaki 1-Star Journalist 5 Shells
Akiya 1-Star Journalist 3 Shells
Fuzzie 1-Star Journalist 2 Shells
PWNICORN 1-Star Journalist 2 Shells
SavageGarden 1-Star Journalist 1 Shell
WizaRd Novice Journalist 1 Shell
StoryKiller 1-Star Journalist 9 Shells + 6 Ice Shells
Afrodet 2-Star Journalist 5 Shells + 1 Ice Shell

The journalists listed above are the winners last month. Hope all winners can try harder to strive for more decent rewards! And 91 Journalists Team also wishes more journalists to make consistent efforts and have their names specified in the winner list next month. Come on, guys!

Ok, see you next month!

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