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Journalists Team 2nd Birthday Celebrations

Author: 91Community Posted on: Jul 26 2010 20:17:48  Views:

Dear users, 91 Journalists Team is two years old! Let's say happy birthday to it together!

To celebrate the Team's 2nd birthday, we've prepared a series of celebration events. No matter you're a Journalists Team member or not, you'll have a chance to get our rewards.

Stay tuned to 91 Journalists Team's 2nd Birthday for more excitement!

Open to: All 91 Players
Event Schedule: July 27 – August 09(PDT)

1. New Journalists Wanted!

How to apply for the membership of 91 Journalists Team:

  1. 1. Apply by oneself
  2. 2. Get recommended by old journalists

>>Click here to apply
Apply according to the provided format!

Reward Rules for New Journalists:

  1. 1. Each new journalist will be rewarded with 1 Shell after applying for the membership by him/herself successfully.
  2. 2. Upon successful recommendation, the recommender (old journalist) and the new journalist recommended will be rewarded with 1 Shell respectively.
  3. 3. Each new journalist will be granted 50MPs. (What's "MPs"?)
  4. 4. During the event, the new journalists will be rewarded with double MPs for their articles.

The reward rules above will only be valid during the event.

All the above rewards will be given out on the condition that each newly recruited journalist has at least 1 article approved during the event.

2. Celebrate 2nd Birthday, Win Double MPs

During the celebration period (July 27 – August 09), all journalists including those newly recruited will be rewarded with double MPs for their approved articles.

>>Submit Articles Now

3. Start of the Year

We'll select 3 candidates for each award according to journalists' recommendations. The one receiving the most votes that players cast during the event will be the corresponding award winner.
Award 1: "Favorite Journalist", 8 Shells
Award 2: "Contributor", 8 Shells

>>Vote Now

4. Make Birthday Wishes, Win Luring Shells

Log onto the event page, and make birthday wishes for 91 Journalists Team! Certain lucky winners will be chosen from among all the participants.

1. Daily Winner:
We'll select 1 lucky winner randomly from among all those making birthday wishes on the event page every day, and reward him/her with 1 Shell. If the one selected is a Journalists Team member, an extra 1 Ice Shell will be granted!

2. Super Winner:
We'll select 5 super winners randomly after the event ends, and reward each of them with 4 Shells. If any one of the 5 selected winners is a Journalists Team member, an extra 1 Shell will be granted!

>>Make Birthday Wishes Now