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World Cup Penalty Shootout to Kick Off!

Author: 91 Community Posted on: Jul 05 2010 02:36:49  Views:

With the World Cup 2010 in full swing, the important event World Cup Penalty Shootout in 91 Community has kicked off. Our lovely GM will act as the goalkeeper when the time comes. Never underestimate GM! So, just do your best to score as many goals as you can then~~

About the Event:

Event Schedule: July 6 – July 12 (PDT)

1. Each qualified account must correspond to a character at Lvl 50 or above in any TQ game.
2. Log onto the related event page to join the Penalty Shootout event!
3. You have 5 penalty shootout chances every day, and each goal you score will gain a World Cup mascot (as shown on the upper right of the picture below).
4. Once the mascots kept in 5 different places are collected, you'll be rewarded 8 Shells after the event ends.
5. We'll also select 20 lucky guys randomly from among all those who collect 4 mascots, and reward each of them 1 Ice Shell.

>> Check the detailed event info


To guarantee fair play, only those having a character at lv50 or above in any TQ game are allowed to join the event!

Tip: You'll receive 1 Shell after filling in the game info!

>> Fill in the game info now?

Step 1
Login first.

Step 2
Fill in the game info.

If you have a character satisfying our reward condition, you will have a chance to win 1 Shell by completing your information in User Center. Easy, isn't it? So would you like to get 1 Shell right now?