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[Event] Valentine's Day Events

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"Love Temple"

Wanna give your other half a surprise on Valentine's Day? Wanna send him/her a special gift? Still don't know how to enjoy this year's Valentine's Day? Then, why not save the nicest photo of you and your lover in the "Love Temple" permanently, share with others your sweet love and enjoy all blessings from them?

May every Jack have his Jill!

Event Schedule: Feb. 08 – Feb. 28

Event Rules:
1. Only upload the photo of you and your other half! Anyone found use others' photos will be disqualified from the event.
2. All are allowed to report those who plagiarize others' photos!
3. No restriction on the number of uploaded photos!
4. No one will be awarded repeatedly. Each participant can only be awarded once!

Reward Rules:
Winners will be chosen from among all CO, EO, ZO and CT players who join this event.

1. Prize for Sweetness: Each of the top 5 photos with the most votes will earn its uploader 8 Shells & 1 Ice Shell.
2. Memorial Prize: We'll choose10 lucky uploaders randomly and reward each of them 2 Shells & 1 Ice Shell.

>> CO's "Love Temple"
>> EO's "Love Temple"
>> ZO's "Love Temple"
>> CT's "Love Temple"

All due Shells will be given out within 10 working days after the event concludes!

>> What's Shell? What's Ice Shell?

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