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[Contest]Classic CO Nostalgic Screenshot & Article Contest

Author: 91 Community Posted on: Nov 15 2009 12:22:45  Views:

At the time when the first server of Classic COLiberty was open, many players just couldn't jump into the bustling game world for a time.
Nov. 27, the second server of Classic CO – Royalty was made available to players grandly, having players be able to enjoy the classic CO again.
Let's turn back the hand of the clock to return to the very beginning and taste the original CO!

Classic CO Themed Contests:

1. Classic CO Nostalgic Screenshot Contest

Wanna record the bustling scenes in the classic CO? Just take corresponding screenshots and upload them now! Any screenshot related to Classic CO, no matter on Liberty or Royalty, is acceptable in the contest. And the highest reward – 32 Shells is also waiting for you to grab!

Upload Classic CO Screeshot Now >>

Enter The Event Page >>

Event Schedule: Nov.10-Dec.10
Reward Rules:

All the uploaded screenshots will be ranked according to the votes they receive:

Top 1: 32 Shells (= 2 * TQ Points Card B)
Top 2-3: 8 Shells (= a TQ Points Card A) each
Top 4-10: 4 Shells each

We'll also choose 20 lucky winners randomly and reward each of them 1 Shell.

Event Rules:

1. All uploaded screenshots should be related to Classic CO.
2. Only the screenshots uploaded to the page of this contest will be deemed as valid.
3. No restriction on the number of uploaded screenshots! But never upload the same screenshot repeatedly!
4. Each participant can only be rewarded once.
5. Screenshots will be ranked according to the votes they receive (Go and canvass votes now!).

How To Upload:

1. Click the "Upload" button on the Classic CO Screenshot Contest event page.
2. Select the Contest "Classic CO Screenshot Contest" on the screenshot contest upload page.

Tip:What's shell?

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