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[EO]Torn Asunder: Comprehension(Final End on 12,10th)
Author:Armenthos Posted on:12-10-2008 Views:

Chapter 5 - Rescue

"Over here! We've got a survivor!"
A voice echoed through the darkness. He tried to move, but his arms weren't working and he couldn't fill his legs. He felt heavy, pinned down and restrained despite every attempt of moving. Even when we opened his eyes, the darkness was oppressive and dust quickly caused them to sting.
Thinking of his situation, he tried to remember the events that had led up to this moment. In the pitch black, such thoughts came easily, especially when he could do nothing else. Green Rot had taken hold of someone...someone close to him...Elian.
He'd tried to protect her, save her if he could by using the machine, which had ultimately led to this situation. Elian. All thoughts now turned to seeing if he'd done it, if he had managed to save her, but to do that would require getting out of the situation he was in.
Attempting to shout only caused him more pain as dry dust rushed into his lungs. A crack appeared in the darkness above, followed shortly by the feeling of water dripping on his face. Someone's face was looking down on him, the rain trickling down his nose and splashing him.
"Found another one here! I'll need some help to clear the rubble. We'll need a healer pronto, his wounds look deep." The rescuer continued to move the fallen masonry out of the way and other came to help him out.
It didn't take long before his body was completely clear of the rubble and after being moved the healer moved in, weaving magic to repair the damage from the collapsed building.
"How bad is it?"
"I'm surprised that he isn't dead already. He's lost a lot of blood and most likely his left leg as well as his left arm. I'm doing what I can to help, although I reckon he's only got a fifty-fifty chance of survival."
"He's one lucky man. I'm just going to check on the status of the other one. It appears that she seems to be perfectly safe as she was sleeping in a crystal box at the time and it seems to have protected her against the force of the explosion. They were attempting to get it open when I left them."
The person walked away leaving the healer to tend to the man.
"Don't worry, you're doing fine and it looks like so is Elian. We haven't been able to find anyone else yet, but I guess it's only a matter of time."
It was taking every bit of effort to talk, but he needed to make sure it worked.
"Did it work?  Did we manage to stop the Green Rot from killing her?"
"She has Green Rot?"
He paused before shouting to the rescuers, "Don't open the tomb, she's got a disease and we don't want it spreading if we can help it. It won't be much longer then we can move them to the hospital as he's nearly stable."
Another pause and the healer turned to the man and asked, "What's your name Sir? I didn't quite catch it the first time you said it?"
"It's...." but he'd drifted unconscious again already...

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