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[ZO]Unique Zero, Ultra World

Author: Timmy Posted on: Aug 29 2008 02:29:31  Views:

Zero Online, A fast paced mecha-based game developed by TQ. In this vast game player help is often required to understand various features and aspects of the game.

Zero Online is filled with many features common throughout other TQ games for their stability and gameplay value. While for an old TQ player games like Zero are easy to play and adapt to, for a new player, it can be quite hard.

In-depth explanations are provided on the Official Website, but, sometimes this isn't sufficient and players are either forced to try and guess what to do or ask for help. The community of Zero Online is fairly helpful and often helps out players in need. For those stuck in the game a quick visit to the forum can supply an answer as soon as a knowledgeable player notices the thread.

With updates such as the new Fleet system being added soon the need for more community activity is increasing and the Volunteer Journalist Team is a great way to do this. Timmy is in and cool tip articled follow next to help! ;)

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